How it All Began

When Steve was younger, he worked for the Davis Tree Farm learning the art of growing Christmas trees. I was born a week before Christmas and was appropriately named Carol-a Christmas Carol.  Growing up, my mom was very much into Christmas-decorating every inch of our house and baking up a storm.  Luckily I met a man that had the same love for Christmas that I did. 

The first time that Steve took me to his Nana’s house, he drove me out into the field and said that someday he wanted to plant Christmas trees.  After we were married and were able to buy a portion of the property, we started planting trees.       

In 2006, with much help from our family and friends, we opened for business. We named the farm “Celesta Farms” in honor of Steve’s Nana-Celesta.  Our goal was to create a place where families could come and experience the tradition of searching for the perfect tree with cookies and cocoa or cider in hand. Taking the time to enjoy the beautiful countryside and peaceful views. We think Nana would be happy with what we have done with the property.

Today, we are blessed with so many families that have made our farm part of their Christmas tradition.  Thank you!